Explainer Video Company in Delhi

What is an Explainer Video?

Humans are extremely visual creatures and human brains process visual information faster. In its basic form, an explainer video is a visual form of content to pitch your product and services. It gives customers an insight of what you have to offer them and how your product can solve their main points, which in turn urges customers to try your product. At Naxatra VFX Studios, we are the best explainer video company in Delhi delivering high-converting explainer videos to help your customers discover the true essence of your product or service thus increasing sales and leads. Our explainer videos disclose your business idea creatively and tell a captivating brand’s story.
It is crucial for entrepreneurs to present their product highlights in a way that inculcates life into their marketing efforts, sparks a communication and can be easily digested by the curious minds. One needs to go the extra mile to generate buzz about their brand and nurture new leads. Undoubtedly explainer videos are a great marketing tool and one of the most important elements of entrepreneurship. We are the best explainer video company in India that can help get your business off the ground and reach for the sky.

Why does your business need an explainer video?

In today’s digital environment, the whole essence of entrepreneurship revolves around the ability to create an impact and build a connect with the audience. By creating the best explainer videos to showcase your idea, you not just gain competitive advantage, but you are presenting something new, interesting, informative and versatile to your digitally smitten target audience who will then connect with you better. Even complex, technical and uncommon products/services can create a buzz in the minds of the consumer using effective explainer videos. Linking the creative and the business mind together can attract the masses and one of the smartest ways of doing this is through an explainer video.

Explainer video is a powerful tool to enhance marketing strategy

Believe us or not, visuals can change meanings! So does an explainer video. When you want customers to know you more beyond your sales slogan, an explainer video is a great way to bring out the message, highlight your products or services and explain why they are the best in the business. Words may not stay out in our minds forever and many go away with time, but impactful and attractive visuals would get etched in the minds of the consumer and urge them to take action or buy. Whether you choose to deliver your brand’s message in an informal, youthful tone or a more sophisticated one, we are the best explainer video company in Delhi delivering best quality explainer videos that clearly and effectively convey your brand’s value/proposition.

Below are the main reasons why explainer videos are gaining popularity with time.

  • They enhance the conversion rates by approx. 20%
  • They drive more traffic to your website, social media channels and campaigns.
  • They give target customers the best impression of your product
  • They deliver a clear and compelling message
  • Being short and precise yet powerful, explainer videos easily grab the attention of the audience
  • Brands get unexpected ranking in Google
  • It allows detailed sharing of your service and product
  • Explainers are focused on the customer’s pain points of consumers and how your product can solve their problems.

Naxatra VFX Studios is the best choice for most effective explainer videos!

Considering that most explainer videos and animations are shorter than 60 seconds, you have only a small window of time to capture your viewer’s attention and make your product shine. That’s when Naxatra comes to your rescue delivering your message in a crisp, clear and convincing fashion. We present the most amount of information to your audience in the shortest amount of time. The result is a message that’s impressive enough to really hit with your audience making them believe that your product or service can solve their problems. Right from your website, social media to paid campaigns, we are the best explainer video company in Delhi helping generate awareness, encourage engagement and increase conversions for brands. We capture the minds of your audiences on both a practical and emotional level.