Childrens Nutrition Park is the world’s first technology driven unique Theme Park, conceived and envisioned by the Hon. Prime Minister, Shri Narender Modi developed under the aegis of Government of Gujrat at Kevadia in the vicinity of Statue Of Unity, world’s tallest statue. It is visited by 5000 visitors everyday.

7D Experience Centre
Naxatra created one of its kind 7D movie effects like moving chairs, snowflakes, rain drops, smoke effects. Viewers just need to wear VR glasses and then go into the world of the 7D experience. It breaks the limit of the virtual and real world and gives viewers an amazing experience.

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Mastering the art of storytelling through video content

At Naxatra VFX Studios, we are a film production house in Delhi, India known for creating commercials, corporate videos and short videos. We are a full-service video production company equipped with modern strategies and ideas for our clients.

Our chief aim is to help clients engage their audience with video content. With our services, we have come up as storytellers who weave the concept based on business of the client. The innovative and definite work approach of video production company, Naxatra VFX has empowered startups, business owners and other corporate houses to reach target audience in a faster way.

With our major emphasis on user engagement, we have deployed a team of filmmakers, innovators and storytellers to execute customized video production services.

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Do you want to have an effective, relevant and compelling professional video to build trust with your customers? We are the best production house in Delhi that carefully listens to your brand’s vision and delivers high-quality videos to boost engagement and interactivity.


The phase of pre-production comprises of the planning of elements included in the film. Once the project is given the green signal, the process of pre-production starts. Finances are set, and the key elements such as storyboard, script, treatment, screenplay, actors, director, cinematographer, location and schedule for the shoot are set.


Production is a phase where film is created and shot. Crew members are recruited at this stage including property master, assistant directors, script supervisor, still photographer, editor and sound editor. These members play a vital role in filmmaking and the production office comes up with a unique blend of responsibilities for the film production.

Post production

Our work does not end at finishing the shooting work for a video. Team Naxatra uses visual effects like animation, sound and other elements to offer flawless work to the client. In this phase, the video/film is assembled by the film editor. The short film content is edited and the production sound (dialogue) is also edited.


Visual effects, better known as VFX is the process of creating or manipulating the imagery outside the LIVE action during filmmaking. In this phase, live action footage is integrated with animated image (optical /digital effects). VFX lends realistic look to environment, but it can often be expensive, time consuming and tough to implement in the concept of film.


Television Commercials are basic advertisements broadcasted through the television. These commercials are produced by an organization to convey brand message about a product or service. The impact of visuals and message used in TVC should be powerful to engage the audience.

Digital marketing

With the increase in number of users relying on online services, marketing strategies need to be revisited. Naxatra VFX is a leading video production agency that works on digital presence of the client’s brand in the online market. With our digital services, we help clients in establishing their digital presence further attracting new prospects.

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Naxatra VFX is a strategic corporate video production company in India where we produce corporate video for our clients. Corporate videos are intended at connecting with the audience emotionally and inform them about the services of a company. We strategize innovative, practical and relevant content for video production service. We apply our vast experience in the implementation of corporate video according to the requirement of our client. Our professionals customize powerful and persuasive video with an aim to improve brand presence of the company. We ensure that all the processes are executed with utmost precision. Team Naxatra caters to the needs and requisites of varied niches. Contact Naxatra VFX to explore the mechanism of our services.

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Since the digital segment has facilitated the users with an online content and brand storytelling, the modern user engagement needs to be interactive. Our video production services are always unique, creative and engaging in terms of visual content as well as concept. This has helped the client receive more impressions on the videos produced by the team Naxatra. We believe in adding strong brand message and creativity with a touch of innovation in our services. With our inspirational video production, we can remove the hurdles which your brand is facing due to less user engagement rate. Our biggest strength is our ability to create a concept which is not only relevant for the business of our client, but also improves their presentation in front of users.

We have paved a path to new vision for modern branding, marketing and a video production solution that compels users to explore the services of our company. At Naxatra VFX, we promise sure-shot approach of addressing the new-age consumers.

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